Don’t lose your receipt when traveling to Taiwan! You may become a multi-millionaire 台灣旅遊這張小紙條千萬別丟

Do you know if traveling in Taiwan, this “receipt" might make you a rich man

We call it “Invoice".(發票 Fāpiào


6 styles of invoices

Don’t lose the announcements you get after shopping! It’s like a little lotto, which may give you a chance to win NT $ 10 million!

Because the government should encourage businessmen to pay taxes honestly, and in order to increase the willingness of the people to supervise and manage, all receipts received during consumption can be rewarded!

The prizes are awarded on the 25th of the base month , and can be received from the 6th of the following month. Claim period is three months.

month Draw Day Claim Period
Jan~Feb Mar. 25 Apr.6 ~ Julu.5
Mar~Apr May. 25 June.6 ~ Sept. 5
May~June July. 25 Aug. 6 ~ Nov. 5
July~Aug Sept. 25 Oct.6 ~ Next year Jan. 5
Sept~Oct Nov. 25 Dec.6 ~ Next year Mar. 5
Nov~Dec Next year Jan. 25 Next year Feb. 6 ~ May. 5

With the popularization of “cloud digital" technology and the promotion of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, the common store now also uses the Ecloud invoice (electronic invoice) system.


download app

If you are a citizen of Taiwan, you can download the invoice carrier app from the Ministry of Finance, and let the computer automatically archive and reward you!

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Use the Ecloud to increase your chances of winning!

Don’t doubt, foreigners can also receive prizes! The maximum bonus is 10 million.

How to receive awards:

Hold your identity document (passport, residence permit, etc.) to receive your award at a bank or convenience store. Pay special attention to the receipt of tax refund invoices are not eligible!

If you are only traveling for a short time, and you won’t wait until the draw time, don’t let every small hope, if you have local friends, you can use their vehicle barcode. Ask your friends to print a small bar code card that you can take with you. When you shop at the store, show the bar code card, ask the store to scan, and your invoice will be stored in your friends’ cloud! (Remember to ask a friend to win a prize and pay dividends) If you do n’t have a local friend, use mine. Write a letter and tell me I will share your money. 🙂

Invoice barcode


Print barcode stickers, stick them on EasyCard / iPass / key ring / Phone wallpaper, easy to use.

Or you can also refer to the following charities to make each of your purchases a small love and send it out! It’s also a great choice!

Love code list

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love code 7885 is for helping vulnerable children. You can choose the agency you want to help.

Some stores will have an “invoice donation box發票捐贈箱" so that friends who want to do good deeds can put in the invoice, not necessarily donating cash.

If you give a paper invoice to any unfamiliar Taiwanese, they will be very happy.

Is the receipt in Taiwan interesting?

Welcome to Taiwan for travel. Bless you all the prizes.

Bonus Click here for the winning


Recipient details 



我們叫它「發票」 。 購物後拿到的發表可千萬別丟掉! 他就像一張小小樂透,可能會給你贏得一千萬新台幣的機會喲!



月份 開獎日 領獎期間/期限
1月~2月 3月25日 4月6日~7月5日
3月~4月 5月25日 6月6日至9月5日
5月~6月 7月25日 8月6日至11月5日
7月~8月 9月25日 10月6日至隔年1月5日
9月~10月 11月25日 12月6日至隔年3月5日
11月~12月 隔年1月25日 隔年2月6日至隔年5月5日

隨著「雲端數位」科技的普及化,以及節能環保的概念提升, 現在普遍的店家也都使用了雲端發票(電子發票)的系統。 若你是台灣的公民手機可以下載財政部的發票載具app,即可讓電腦幫你自動存檔、對獎囉!

不要懷疑,外籍人士也是可以領獎的! 最高獎金有一千萬呢😋

領獎辦法: 持身分證明文件(護照、居留證⋯等等) 即可在銀行或便利商店領獎。 特別注意,申請退稅的發票是不能領獎的唷!

若你只是來短暫的旅遊,不會待到開獎的時候,不要讓費每一個小希望,如果你有在地朋友,可以使用他們的載具條碼。 請朋友列印一張條碼小卡片,讓你隨身攜帶,在店家消費的時候,就出示條碼卡,請店家掃描,就會將你的發票存入朋友的雲端中囉! (記得叫朋友中獎要分紅呀) 沒有在地朋友的話,就用我的吧😉 寫信告訴我我會分你的 👍🏻

或者你也可以參考以下慈善機構,把你的每一份消費都做成小愛心送出去! 也是很棒的選擇呢!


你若把紙本發票給任何一個陌生的台灣人,他們也會很開心的 🤣

台灣的收據是不是很有趣呢!歡迎來台灣旅遊👍🏻 祝福大家中獎唷~